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Aquatic Services

Our Aquatic division is top notch. There isn't a problem we haven't conquered! Living in Florida we face many invasive aquatic weeds that invade our lakes and ponds. We have many services to help with any budget to keep your lakefront or pond clean and clear. 

We are licensed for herbicide application and  removal of aquatic vegetation for residential or commercial properties. Our service is the full package from start to finish, we handle all necessary steps such as permitting and include monthly/quarterly maintenance programs to keep your pond or lakefront flawless.

Are you seeing a lot of algae? We also offer services to help with water movement, such as fountains,  circulating pumps and aerators. Our programs extend to all communities such as homeowners associations or property managers. Wanting that magical glowing fountain at night? We can assist with lighting as well! 

Another common issue is erosion of the land surrounding the water due to drainage issues. We can help with repairs and water drainage re-routing.

Does your community have an ugly retention pond? Does it dry up or filled with pond scum? Give us a call, we have solutions!